Adventure Retreats

Aspen Roots Collective offers retreats that vary in length from one day in the Western North Carolina mountains to nine days in locations such as Patagonia, Baja, and the Green River in Utah. Unlike hiring a guide service or booking with a larger company, ARC guides are therapeutic professionals, able to craft and adapt each experience to best meet the physical, emotional, and mental needs of the individuals and the group. 


Calm Mind:Strong Heart


In this day of beginner friendly rock climbing, we will explore shifting out of our brain and fear-based-thinking and moving into our hearts and body-based-living. Designed for women craving deeper self love and acceptance, desiring to let go and move beyond past hurts and losses, this experiential one day retreat offers an introduction to the benefits of rock climbing. It is an opportunity to come into our bodies, to learn to listen to our hearts, and to experience a stronger sense of self by connecting with the solid presence of the rock. 



A retreat designed for healers. If you are someone with a background Ecotherapy or Adventure therapy, or in Somatic Experiencing, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, or any somatically oriented therapy, you are invited to dive into the somatic experience of the natural world, the ways in which our nervous systems resonate and synchronize with the rhythms of the earth, and learn from this connection in a way that increases your own resilience as well as inspires you to offer the same to your clients.

 Offered in partnership with Breakwater Expeditions

Offered in partnership with Breakwater Expeditions


 Offered in partnership with Breakwater Expeditions

Offered in partnership with Breakwater Expeditions

The Purpose in Patagonia retreats are therapeutic adventures meant to strike the balance between challenging and restorative travel in order to enable participants to gain a new perspective on their lives. With activities such as hiking and kayaking, we stretch our comfort zones and tap into a sense of personal power. Equally important are the reflective and rejuvenating qualities of yoga, wood fired hot tub time, delicious cuisine, and intentional connection with the natural world. The threads of community are woven throughout, learning from Argentinian culture and the gifts that each participant brings to our group. 


Strong and Mindful Mothers

 offered in partnership with breakwater expeditions

offered in partnership with breakwater expeditions

An experiential course of adventure, self care, and renewal for mothers who’ve been in a care giving role. Offered in the San Juan Islands, activities include sea kayaking, yoga and mindfulness meditation, and a blend of camping and comfortable accommodations. This retreat is an opportunity to change course, to build community, to feel nurtured and re-prioritize self care, and to once again experience your own power as a woman in the world.