Facilitating experiences in which participants are able to deepen, strengthen, and nourish love for one's self, community, and the natural world- this is the vision of Aspen Roots Collective, PLLC. 

Aspen Roots Collective is grounded both in the therapeutic world of counseling and holisitic health as well as in an adventure and nature loving approach to life. Blending group therapy with adventure travel, ARC is a unique addition to both fields. Facilitators are trained clinicians as well as experienced outdoor educators and adventure guides, resulting in retreats that combine intentional group therapeutic processes with adventure and wilderness-based activities.

Aspen roots serve as an inspiring metaphor for the support, love, and growth that we find when in connection with our community and the natural world. The roots of the aspen not only dig into the soil to gather nutrients for the tree and provide grounding stability... they also serve as underground branches, reaching out and up to sprout into new trees, growing the grove and uniting acres of trees into one living and breathing organism. We at Aspen Roots Collective, PLLC seek to nurture such connections in the groups that we lead in retreats around the world.  

Retreats incorporate many elements, including, but not limited to, outdoor adventures, guided solo reflection, therapeutic group sharing, ritual, service, care for the physical body, and international travel. Each adventure is tailored to fit the individual participants, and support is available both before and after the retreat to deepen the therapeutic experience.