October 3, 2019

In this day of beginner friendly rock climbing, we will explore shifting out of our brain and fear-based-thinking and moving into our hearts and body-based-living. Designed for women craving deeper self love and acceptance, this experiential workshop offers an introduction to the benefits of rock climbing. One of the reasons we climb is the rare opportunity to focus our attention and passion to one thing, because it's almost impossible to think about anything else while climbing. It is an opportunity to come into our bodies, to learn to listen to our hearts, and to experience a stronger sense of self by connecting with the solid presence of the rock.

Seasoned NOLS climbing instructor and passionate therapist, Sara Hunter, brings her calming nature to what is often an intimidating sport. Sara leads women into accessing their sense of self-love and empowerment from a heart centered place, leaving behind the overthinking and worry that too often govern our day to day lives. She and Sommerville invite you to risk a day of stepping out of your comfort zone to discover greater capacity, love, and connection than you may expect.  

  • Introduction to rock climbing basics

  • Facilitated orientation to heart-centered living: communication, listening to our inner knowing, problem solving, and connecting with our community

  • Guided mindfulness activities

  • Intention setting to incorporate learnings into life at home with optional follow-up

  • Healthy lunch and use of personal climbing gear (shoes, helmet, harness)

  • Meaning making opportunities with a supportive community of women


$155. Includes lunch and use of rock climbing gear (shoes, harness, and helmet).


Rumbling Bald, North Carolina


9am-5pm. October 3, 2019