April 23-April 29, 2020

We're taking all of the concepts of our one day retreat and expanding into a week of climbing and yoga bliss in the desert of Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Nevada! Located just outside of Las Vegas, this area is perfect for a progression of climbing; from beginner single pitch sport routes to longer multi-pitch endeavors.

Like anything challenging, climbing brings the opportunity to worry and get lost in the monkey mind instead of being present with the rock at our fingertips. This week is not just about learning to climb rock, it is about practicing a way of being in our lives: with present-oriented awareness, compassion with ourselves and others, celebration of accomplishments, moving away from our comparisons, internal judgments and fears, and finding a calm and steady strength we did not know possible. Yoga is a significant portion of each day as well, serving to stretch sore bodies and also work the mental muscle of paying attention to the present moment with mindfulness.

What is included:

  • Introduction to rock climbing basics and intermediate climbing skills

  • Facilitated orientation to heart-centered living: communication, listening to our inner knowing, problem solving, and connecting with our community

  • Daily yoga for climbing and guided mindfulness activities

  • Intention setting to incorporate learnings into life at home with optional follow-up

  • Tent camping with van support for added ammenities

  • Dinner and a show in Las Vegas!

  • Meaning making opportunities with a supportive community of women


We will begin each day with yoga to calm the mind and come into our bodies before moving to the rock where we will put into practice the skills we gain each day. We will also have a rest day in the middle of the week, in order for our bodies to recover a bit and hey, why not shower, cruise into Vegas and enjoy dinner and a show?!

Day 1

Arrive to the Las Vegas airport and shuttle to the campsite where we will have a delicious welcome meal and begin to get to know one another. We’ll go over our hopes and goals for the week and help everyone get comfy in camp.

Day 2 & 3

After yoga each morning we will learn new rock climbing techniques, play on the rock, and practice thought-calming techniques as we stretch ourselves.

Day 4

Rest day! Let’s rejuvinate our bodies and celebrate the progress to this point. We will begin the day with restorative yoga and then head to a local pool to take showers and ready ourselves for a night on the town… and we’re not talking a scene out of Bridesmaids, more like delicious food and live music that leaves us feeling a little spoiled and ready for more climbing.

Day 5 & 6

Let’s take this climbing thing to the next level. Based on what the group has enjoyed thus far, these two days will be a combination of multi-pitch climbing and harder single pitch options. After a few days of unplugging, focusing in on our skills and the beauty of the natural world, we’re ready to expand! Let’s push our willingness to do things we never dreamed and end the days with tired arms and fulfilled hearts. We’ll close on day 6 with a celebration meal and closing circle, marking all that was contributed by each participant.

Day 7

Shuttle to the aiport to say goodbye! But don’t worry, there are always opportunities to keep in touch!

This week is FOR you IF:
You have climbed in the past but not in a while and want to get back into a sport you love!
You have never climbed and would like the support of a group of positive women to cheer you on!
You're down to sleep under the stars, expand your heart's capacity for joy, and calm the mind of it's daily worries.
You want to begin or deepen your yoga practice, and gain the mind-calming benefits in addition to the strengthening and stretching postures.

This week might NOT be for you IF:
You really don't want to laugh and have fun while camping with a group of spectacular women.
You only climb 5.10 and will judge others (and yourself) for not being able to always make it to the top of a climb.




Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Nevada


April 26-May 2, 2020