As an adjunct to individual therapy or a stand alone journey, individualized retreats can be created to deepen and intensify a process of change that has already begun. Individuals, couples, families, and groups of friends or co-workers can all benefit from therapeutic intensives built on the hopes and goals of the group. Individualized retreats can be designed to last anywhere from a half day to ten days, and may incorporate activities as challenging as rock climbing and as restorative as sharing a warm meal by a fire.

Backcountry Expeditions


"Expeditions" refer to courses in which participants are carrying all of their belongings on their backs or in their boats and are camping each night of a multi-day journey. Backcountry experiences allow the group to escape into the wilderness, away from technology and all that is familiar in their daily routines. In connection with the pace of the natural world, groups have the opportunity to gain new perspectives and work to redefine themselves. Activities and course areas vary, but an awe-inspiring view of the night sky is guaranteed. Offered in partnership with Breakwater Expeditions.

Frontcountry Retreats

4.Lodge at night.jpg

This style of therapeutic retreat provides more of the physical comforts of beds, kitchens, and flushing toilets. Depending upon the group's goals, creating a retreat in the "frontcountry" may allow for participants to spend more time with specific activities, focus their energy on one another more so than the wilderness, or just be in a more comfortable and relaxing environment. The degree of adventure vs. comfort can be tailored to the group.

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