Our guides are therapists, outdoor educators, students, athletes, teachers, wilderness instructors, and so much more... 

Sommerville Bevilaqua, LPC

Sommerville is a licensed professional counselor as well as wilderness instructor and founder of ARC. She is passionate about facilitating opportunities for individuals and groups to connect with the natural world, to explore their inner-landscapes, and to discover within themselves a strength and beauty more powerful than they previously knew. She has worked in the mental health field since 2010 and in the outdoors since 2000, incorporating curiosity, humor, deep compassion, and respect into her various roles. Sommerville enjoys exploring the rock and water of her home in Western North Carolina, as well as continuing to learn from new places and people around the world.


Sara Hunter, LPCA

Sara is a licensed professional counselor associate as well as an outdoor educator. Sara is excited to offer opportunities for individuals and groups to explore wild places within nature and within themselves while fostering resilience and compassion, making connections, and finding meaning and change.  Sara has been working in the mental health field since 2014 and in outdoor education since 2005.  In seven years of instructing for the National Outdoor Leadership School, Sara found that building connections and empowering others, whether they were challenged by life back home or by the mountain environment, is what she is most passionate about.  Sara enjoys climbing and exploring in the mountains to continually build her relationship with herself, the natural world, and her dedication to helping others.



Maz is a therapy-puppy in training! She is the epitome of acceptance as she spends her days sharing her love and attention to anyone she meets. She's learning to hike the trails of Western NC without running away, play with others at the local dog park, and explore the infinite scents of the woods with her hound nose. Maz comes to ARC from rural Georgia, where she was found with her mother and nine litter-mates, having been abandoned before birth. She had some small wounds from her time in the woods, and went on to fight parvo, a deadly puppy disease. Through it all she has delighted in companionship and has rebounded with amazing strength and vitality. She hopes to be able to offer therapy dog sessions in the future, and never minds posing for the camera.