Our team is a blend of therapists, outdoor educators, students, athletes, teachers, wilderness instructors, and so much more... 

Sommerville B. Johnston, MA, LPC, SEP

Sommerville is a Licensed Professional Counselor as well as Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, wilderness instructor and founder of ARC. She is passionate about facilitating opportunities for individuals and groups to connect with the natural world, to explore their inner-landscapes, and to discover within themselves a strength and beauty more powerful than they previously knew. She has worked in the mental health field since 2010 and in the outdoors since 2000, incorporating curiosity, humor, deep compassion, and respect into her various roles. Sommerville enjoys exploring the rock and water of her home in Western North Carolina, as well as continuing to learn from new places and people around the world.


Sara Hunter, MS, LPC

Sara is a licensed professional counselor as well as an outdoor educator. Sara is excited to offer opportunities for individuals and groups to explore wild places within nature and within themselves while fostering resilience and compassion, making connections, and finding meaning and change.  Sara has been working in the mental health field since 2015 and in outdoor education since 2005.  In over 10 years of instructing and supervising for the National Outdoor Leadership School, Sara found that building connections and empowering others, whether they were challenged by life back home or by the mountain environment, is what she is most passionate about.  Sara enjoys climbing, mountain biking, and exploring in the mountains to continually build her relationship with herself, the natural world, and her dedication to helping others.


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Kendall Williams, SEP, LMBT

For over a decade, Kendall has facilitated transformational experiences for individuals and groups through wilderness adventure, meditation and embodiment practices . A lifelong passion for health and well-being continues to inspire her career as a somatic therapist. She has taught yoga and mindfulness for over eight years, inspired by the holistic balance and personal harmony such practices support. Kendall's relational, bottom up and body-oriented approach to healing informs her healing arts practice and aims to increase one's personal capacity for fulfillment and a sense of ease in the world. Kendall has a private practice in Asheville, NC where she works with individuals weaving in Somatic Experiencing, touch, mindfulness and spiritual coaching. She loves to be on or in or near water, travel, camp, dream and enjoys creative endeavors of all kinds.

Collaborative Partners

Aspen Roots Collective recognizes that we can all learn from one another that we thrive through connection; we apply this lens to our business partnerships as well. In working with organizations to offer high quality experiences, we benefit from the local knowledge of culture and landscape from in-country professionals, and continue to make safety the priority when opperating outside of our familiar terrain or scope of activities. Below are a handful of our regular partners, feel free to check them out and see what other incredible experiences they offer!