Fall Surrender

I follow several nature photographers on instagram, and this fall the images of golden aspens have been the highlight of my “social media” world. It’s as if the aspen canopy is glowing and bathing the surrounding evergreens with it’s intrinsic light. Although no aspens grow in North Carolina, the change of colors in autumn is still my highlight of the year, and I am struck by how this washing of the world in oranges, reds, yellows, deep purples, is then followed by a complete surrender and falling of brilliance. The trees cannot hold onto the autumn jewels; in fact their roots need the nutritious compost of their own sacrifice.

 (Oh and by the way, for a fascinating story on the interconnectedness of trees, listen to THIS!!!!)

I am not only surrounded by the seasonal reminder of this theme, but also in yoga classes, therapy workshops, and recent personal challenges, I am again and again led into the release, the relief, the scary and yet rewarding action of surrendering to things that I cannot control. At times this feels very abstract, intangible… but we can find the physical manifestation of surrender in the body: unclenching the jaw, dropping the tongue to the floor of the mouth, softening the low belly so that the breath extends





(Go ahead, try it… and then, with curiosity, notice… what else happens in your body when you do these things?)

What is it that you need to surrender this fall? What illusion of control do you cling to? What fear, expectations, rules, or over-committed part of your schedule? What negative self-talk, resentments, or words stuck in your throat?

And how can your own letting go become your nourishment?