Spring Retreat, ARC Hiking Club, and Patagonia Recon


2016 has started off with a bang at Aspen Roots Collective! We have a beautiful location secured for our Spring retreat, a new Hiking Club being offered for those in the Asheville area, and some truly exciting developments for our international offerings.  I invite you to continue reading for more details and, as always, to contact me with questions, ideas for individualized retreats for you and your friends, family, or colleagues, or just to be in touch.

Wishing you an adventure filled February,



Spring Awakening: May 6-8, 2016

Spring is a time of creativity and renewal. Just as new life sprouts in the forest, we too experience rejuvenation, cleansing, and potential for energetic and youthful growth. During this three-day women’s retreat, participants are guided through activities that allow them to differentiate between the “shoulds” of self-imposed goals and the intuitive needs for renewal and creation found by listening to the wise self. Each day fosters greater connection with the Earth as it unfolds itself in spring, deeper awareness of the same process happening within ourselves, and an enhanced sense of community amongst the women. Finally, participants leave with an intention for the season that is rooted in their experience of themselves, one another, and the transition of the Earth into spring.

On a property between Cashiers and Brevard, NC, accommodations include a large cabin with cozy amenities and stunning views of the surrounding terrain. Activities will range from rock climbing to mindfulness exercises, group sharing to solo reflection, nourishing meals to time by the fire, all held in the surrounding acreage of mountains, trails, waterfalls, woods, and a massive bald rock typical of the mountains of Western North Carolina.

Spring Awakening is facilitated by two licensed professional counselors and outdoor educators whose passion it is to empower women through connection with the natural world, themselves, and with each other. Click here to register.

ARC Hiking Club

The ARC Hiking Club is more than a hiking group; it is an opportunity to nourish and improve mental, emotional, and relational health. Facilitated by a licensed professional counselor, therapeutic hikes incorporate ecotherapy activities that enhance self-awareness, foster relationship building between participants, and highlight our innate connection to the earth. A typical hike will include intention-setting, approximately two hours of hiking, activities to increase connection to the natural world, and a time for sharing between group members.

Hikes are held rain or shine in the greater Asheville, NC area. To find out about the next hike location, sign up on our website.


When: First and third Thursday of each month at 10am. Hikes are generally two hours long, but may last longer depending upon the destination and the group.

Where: Hikes are held at different trailheads in Western North Carolina. Sign up to receive notifications of the next hiking club destination. 

Cost: Sliding scale of $10-$15

What to bring: A small day pack with 2 full water bottles, snacks, and non-cotton layers appropriate for the weather forecast. More suggestions will be made depending upon the hiking location.

Patagonia Recon

On a multi-purpose trip to Argentina, I spent New Year's Eve watching shooting stars while wrapped in my sleeping bag on the beach of a Patagonian lake. The Southern Cross hovered above the horizon throughout the night, and in the morning the sun illuminated snow covered peaks and lupine flowers at the edge of the water. I listened to the nearby river feeding clear glacial melt into the lake, something I would later summon the courage to plunge into. 

The feeling on that New Year's Day was one of abundance and possibility...of getting out of my normal routine and even the familiarity of my own country in order to discover more about myself and of what I am capable, to connect with a sense of universal community, and to deepen, nourish, and learn from my relationship with the natural world. 

The photos below are an invitation to join Aspen Roots Collective, PLLC in this space next year, to start the year with purpose in Patagonia. Many details will be shared in the coming months, including dates, itinerary, and cost... but if you would like to add yourself to the growing list of participants, by all means contact us!

Sipping mate while making notes for next year's retreat.

View from Refugio Frey (a rustic cabin with options to buy food, beverage, and a spot to sleep for the night)

Joining friends to explore peaks around Bariloche

Glacial melt cascades over sun warmed bed rock. One of many many waterfalls of the area.

Pollo al Disco... a classic Argentinian dish.

Water and Mountains everywhere

A friend takes in the view from Cerro Llao Llao

Always on the lookout for the perfect swimming hole

Looking out into Nahuel Huapi National Park