Welcome Spring!

The spring equinox has passed and it's as if the world has let out an exhale of relief. This strong breath blows our branches, sending messages to our roots that it is time to awaken, to stir and rise from our winter's nap. Clouds fly overhead, rushing off to bring news of the season, and the soil is being pushed and tilled by worms and roots, trowels and hands. 

Regardless of your spiritual or religious beliefs, spring is a time of observable creation. The golden green growth of new buds, the birthing of animals, the reproduction of plants.... it is a creation of the earth all over again, year after year. 

As animals on this beautiful planet, we too can tap into this creative energy of spring. We don't have to be artists or parents to acknowledge our deep and natural desire to create. We create ideas, businesses, homes, relationships... we create energy and dreams, hopes and fears. Yes, sometimes our drive to create can even lead us to manifest creations that ultimately do not serve us. We create worries, anxieties, and obstacles for ourselves on our path to wholeness. 

In our spring retreat we will be taking a look at this need to create, examining the ways in which we may be creating unneccesary pain in our lives and then accessing our deeper knowledge of how we each are drawn to create and offer something unique and beautiful to the world. We will use rock climbing (absolutely no experience necessary!) and other activities to access a self-awareness that is not as obvious in our day to day lives. 

This retreat is also one of self-care. As the tender petals of a flower open softly to the returning light, we will move gently with this beautiful self-work while also enjoying noursihing meals and accomodations in a private mountain lodge.

Click here to learn more about the Spring Awakening retreat, held on Mother's Day weekend May 6-8, 2016 near Cashiers, North Carolina.