Attention and Intention

Two words that I believe could change the world… and seem to be changing mine.

I keep writing about Somatic Experiencing training… and there’s good reason. It has literally changed me, changed me from the inside out. Not in a goal-oriented sort of way. Not the kind of change that takes striving, efforting, setting New Year’s resolutions. It has been a subtler process, but one in which the parts of me that are light and easy, passionate, excitable, authentic, fearless, and loving are beginning to emerge more easily. The weight of fears, doubts, insecurities, not knowing … it’s beginning to slide off my back and to the ground, where I will leave it, a remnant on my path, evidence of the journey.

First, the attention to my body and my physiological experience of life has helped me to learn a new language. One in which there is less judgement and shame, making room for more understanding and compassion.

Second, the intention to orient towards safety, love, cohesion, joy, connection, resilience, what’s working…this intention, which is aiming in a direction, means that the arrow of my living will follow. It will not always hit the mark, but it will fly towards these concepts, and reinforce them in the process.

This is the work I offer my clients. Attention to who they are, who they are in this moment, given all that they have come through. And intention to orient towards their resilience.

As we start this new year together, I invite you to set aside some time to put down the goals, the resolutions, the focus on what isn’t serving you, on what needs changing, on how to improve your life, and for just an hour… to bring attention to who you are now…and intend to notice what about you now is already…

is already...

beautiful, light, joyful, easy, passionate, free, balanced, authentic, loving, resilient, worth celebrating.