Rugged Renewal Retreats

For women in their more active years, Rugged Renewal retreats are opportunities to dive into connection with nature, to discover or be reminded that you are so much more capable than you realize, to calm the mind and renew the spirit. The core content of all Rugged Renewal retreats includes the following:

  • A range of physical challenge to get us into our bodies: from gentle yoga to more exertive hiking and paddling.
  • Exploration of the connection between our bodies and the rhythms of the earth: the breath and the ocean; the cycles and seasons of our lives along with the day, month, and year; the contraction and expansion of the earth and our hearts. 
  • An introduction to a mindfulness meditation practice.
  • Adventures in cuisine, both locally inspired and designed to nourish the body.
  • Community based ritual for meaning-making opportunities amongst our group members, especially if there's a full moon!
  • Three group video-chats after the retreat to connect in circle and continue to integrate all that has happened into our lives back home.


Patagonia, the definition of rugged. In this 10 day retreat we will explore the Northern gateway to the region. Beginning in the very Boulder-like town of Bariloche, we are in an excellent location to access deep blue glacially fed lakes for sea-kayaking as well as stunning ridge-line traverses and camping in the Nahuel Huapi National Park. We will enjoy some finer amenities as well, and then head South towards the small hippy town of El Bolson, outside of which is nestled a lodge that defies description. It's not 5-star-king-size-bed sort of high-end... instead... it's magic! Helena will offer reiki sessions and cooking classes while we soak up the restorative properties of this healing space. Three course dinners and wandering in the garden combine with the wood fired hot tub and slow pace of being removed from our daily stressors to result in a renewed perspective and a fresh return home. 



An expedition style retreat: We will have everything we need in our boats, no cell coverage, and the full expanse of the ocean to guide us. We will work with the tides and the weather to navigate our way, honing our ability to observe and listen, not only to the natural world, but also to our intuitive selves. With poems, stories, and ritual we will slow our pace to that of the sun and the moon, the inhale and exhale of the waves, and watch the stars spin each night. Along with an introduction to sea-kayaking and camping skills, we will also play! With sea lions, and waves, and evening cocktails on the beach. Baja brings a lightheartedness to adventure, and we may surprise ourselves to find the ways in which we hear ourselves saying "Yes!" to life.


*Details below are a general outline and will depend on weather and waves and others factors as well as the group.

March TBA, 2019

Day 1  Arrive in La Paz, Mexico and meet at our accommodations for a welcome meal and overview of the week. 

Day 2 Head out on a water transport to the island of Espiritu Santo. We will get to know our sea-kayaks, practice basic paddling strokes, and transition to an unplugged expedition on the waters of the Sea of Cortez. 

Day 3 Today we load the boats with our gear and truly begin our expedition! After learning how to pack the boats and getting acquainted with a sustainable pace of paddling, we will set out on the ocean and determine our next camp site based on a combincation of factors, which will translate to our ability to begin deepening our ability to hear our intuition.

Day 4-7 Each day will incorporate a combination of physical challenge, either kayaking or a day hike into the interior of the island, and restorative activities, such as yoga on the beach, guided meditation, and ritual as women under a sky full of stars. This dance between rugged and renewal helps us to expand our capacity in life for both stress and joy. 

Day 8 Final day of kayaking and back to La Paz for hot showers and a night out on the town!

Day 9 Today we explore local culture and cuisine, and celebrate the week with a final dinner and honoring of our time together. 

Day 10 A simple breakfast and goodbyes before everyone parts and begins the transition back home.



$1950. Includes meals starting dinner of Day 1 and finishing breakfast on Day 10, accomodations, guide services, kayaking and yoga instruction, and transport to and from the island. Does not include your flight to La Paz.















*Details below are a general outline and will depend on weather, an ever changing factor in Patagonia, as well as the group.

February 6-15, 2019

Day 1 Arrive in Bariloche by the afternoon and take a taxi to the hotel in order to have some down time  or start to explore the mountain town before meeting the group and going out for a Welcome dinner and overview of the week.

Day 2 The ruggedness begins! We will transport to Lago Mascardi and begin our sea kayak adventure. After orientation and instruction, we'll head off for a mellow paddle to our first campsite of the trip: A beach with a view of Tronador (a snow covered volcano whose name translates to "thunder"). We will learn about and enjoy the traditional Argentinian beverage of maté and, weather permitting, sleep under the stars, getting to see a completely different view of constellations in the Southern Hemisphere.

Day 3 Awake early for optional meditation time, an offering that will be made available each day in order to support your deepening awareness of yourself in the here and now, away from your life at home, and in connection with the natural world. Back in our sea kayaks for a mid-day paddle, and then transport to Woodland Lodge for some down time and enjoyment of the surrounding garden.

Day 4 We head out again to the wilderness and start our three day backpacking exscursion with a gondola lift up to the peak of Catedral, a local ski area, and then hike the ridge line and enjoy epic views of Patagonian peaks. A steep descent will take us to Rucaco Valley, where we will camp for the night.

Day 5 Another day of backpacking and steep climbs will take us to Refugio Jakob on Lago Jakob, where we will have the option for a refreshing plunge into icy waters, and a cultural highlight of enjoying dinner at the refugio. 

Day 6 We'll complete the three day backpack with an early morning walk out along the river, followed by a 2 hour transport to La Confluencia lodge, where we will be greeted with a delicious meal and views of the turquiose waters of Rio Azul.

Day 7 Morning meditation and yoga followed by a day of harvesting in the garden and cooking in the large open kitchen, learning about Argentinian food culture and connecting with the land. The afternoon will incorporate an optional Reiki session and use of the wood fired sauna and hot tub for restoration and rejuvination.

Day 8 After morning yoga on the deck we will to Cajon de Azul, a box canyon on the Rio Azul, and back in time for more healing sessions of self-care. 

Day 9 We start the day with a short hike to the mirador, view, of the El Bolson valley where we will take some time for solo reflection as a time to begin integrating all that has happened on this week of adventure. Then a transport to the town of El Bolson and the artisan craft fair, before returning to Bariloche for a final Asado celebration dinner with our new friends from the week. 

Day 10 We will spend our last morning in town with opportunities to buy gifts and enjoy the German style chocolate popular in the area. A final farewell lunch and then  to the airport to say our goodbyes!