Strong and Mindful Mothers


Mothers of individuals with higher emotional and psychological needs have often, out of necessity, spent years placing priority on their loved one’s wellness and making sacrifices of time, energy, and resources to do whatever they can to get help and support for their family member. Somewhere along the way, it is not uncommon for friends to start to drift off as they do not understand the situation, for self-care to go out the window as all energy is directed towards the loved one, for stress to build to an all time high, for marriages to become strained, and for life to feel overwhelming.

Breakwater Expeditions and Aspen Roots Collective want to help mothers change course, to build community, to feel nurtured and re-prioritize their own self care, and to once again experience their own power as women in the world.

We invite mothers who resonate with the description above to join us for 6 days of renewal, connection, and adventure.

Dates: May 2018

Cost: TBD


  • To connect with other mothers and build community with women who’ve had similar experiences
  • To practice and learn to incorporate self care into daily living
  • To identify and strengthen healthy boundaries
  • To experience a personal process of self-growth through facilitated reflection and mindfulness activities
  • To prioritize personal wellness with healthy meals, physical activity, and stress reduction practices


  • Sea-kayaking
  • Hiking
  • Guided mindfulness practices
  • Community building activities
  • Supported solo experience
  • Front country activities and amenities combined with shorter backcountry experience (one or two nights)