Yoga is more than a physical practice. The word itself means “union” and is considered to be a reference to the union between the individual and the divine. As Aspen Roots Collective offers experiences that deepen connection with the natural world, our bodies themselves could be considered the part of the natural world that is always with us, and the breath as the life-giving action that we can return to as an anchor, yoking us with the larger rhythms of life and divinity in the form of the Earth, universe, god, love, or whatever word most resonates with your understanding of that which connects us.

Sommerville holds a 200 hour yoga teacher certification from the Asheville Yoga Center. Not only does she incoporate yoga sessions into the Aspen Roots retreats, but also various aspects of yoga into her individual counseling. The physical postures (asanas), breath work (pranayama), and meditation can all be resources for nervous system regulation and Somatic Experiencing work.

Yoga workshops and classes are offered in various locations around the country and can be found on the Aspen Roots calendar (coming soon). Private classes are also available by request in Birmingham, AL and Asheville, NC, or anywhere the Aspen Roots van is currently parked. Contact us for more information or to schedule a private or small group class.