"In nature, nothing exists alone." -Rachel Carson                                               

Entering into therapy requires courage and vulnerability. It is an adventure in which we don't know the outcome and we can't anticipate what will arise along the way.  Our goal at Aspen Roots Collective is to provide a supportive partnership in this process of discovery and to help the client create new ways of making meaning in life. We bring an attitude of curiosity to our work and incorporate humor and authenticity as important components of the therapeutic relationship. Our belief is that by increasing self-awareness and cultivating acceptance, it is possible to change the way we relate to ourselves and others.

Aspen Roots Collective Counseling Team


Sommerville Johnston, LPC, SEP

Sommerville is available for online Somatic Experiencing sessions, trainings and coaching to support staff wellness and sustainability for outdoor organizations across the country, custom adventure experiences in various locations, and occassional in-person therapy sessions in Asheville, NC. She also facilitates ARC's Rugged Renewal retreats in locations such as Patagonia and Baja. You can learn more about her background or contact her to set up an initial consultation.


Sara Hunter, LPC

Sara meets with clients in Asheville, NC for individual therapy both in the office and outdoors. She is available for counseling sessions with adults, adolescents, and pre-teens, specializing in helping her clients navigate life transitions and heal from trauma. She is also available for custom experiences in the mountains of Western North Carolina, and co-facilitates ARC's Calm Mind:Strong Heart retreat, (re)introducing women to rock climbing and exploring mindfulness and empowerment through relationship with the rock. Check out her bio or contact her to discuss options for working together.


In addition to traditional office-based counseling sessions in the Asheville, North Carolina area, Aspen Roots incorporates experiential offerings in various locations.


Outdoor Sessions

Offered in Asheville, NC as well as various places around the country (sign up for the newsletter to get a monthly listing of locations included), outdoor sessions can be stand-alone or as a part of ongoing work with an Aspen Roots Collective counselor. Meeting for hour-long walks and activities in the wilderness or the local park, an outdoor session will incorporate ecotherapy practices that connect your healing with that of the natural world as well as explore the connection between your body and the Earth as a renewing resource.


Online Sessions

Sommerville Johnston, ARC founder, offers online Somatic Experiencing (SE) sessions for individuals wanting an alternative approach to healing and growth. SE utilizes body awareness, tracking, and mindfulness skills to increase resilience and capacity for both the challenging and the joyful aspects of life. Very different from talk therapy and cognitive approaches to mental health, this "bottom-up" approach to brain change focuses on our animal-bodies and our strong drive to survive. Online sessions use a HIPPA compliant video chat software and participants often comment on how suprised they are at the level of authentic connection possible via the internet.


Experiential Additions

If you already work with another counselor and would like to add an experiential therapy session to your work, Aspen Roots staff will work with you and your counselor to identify goals and create a unique experience to help take your progress to the next level. Examples include half day or full day adventure therapy activities with you or your family on the river, trail, or rock; ritual to mark a significant transition in your life; or supported wilderness solo for deepening the reflection and integration of insights and new awarenesses. Summaries and recommendations are provided to you and your counselor for follow-up.