April 3-12, 2020

Most of the experience will be an expedition style retreat: We will have everything we need in our boats, no cell coverage, and the full expanse of the ocean to guide us. We will work with the tides and the weather to navigate our way, honing our ability to observe and listen, not only to the natural world, but also to our intuitive selves. With poems, stories, and ritual we will slow our pace to that of the sun and the moon, the inhale and exhale of the waves, and watch the stars spin each night. Along with an introduction to sea-kayaking and camping skills, we will also play! With Whale Sharks, and waves, and evening cocktails on the beach. Baja brings a lightheartedness to adventure, and we may surprise ourselves to find the ways in which we hear ourselves saying "Yes!" to life.


*Details below are a general outline and will depend on weather and waves and others factors as well as the group.

Day 1  Arrive in San Jose del Cabo and hop in a van to head to La Paz, Mexico, where we will enjoy a welcome meal together, review our itinerary for the week, and start slipping into the slowed pace of our Mexican adventure.

Day 2 We will start the day with an underwater experience of swimming with Whale Sharks. The beauty of these creatures may bring some to tears, and at the very least expand our sense of the world in which we live. An incredible tone set to our time together, we will witness what happens in our own bodies as we transition further away from our frenetic pace at home and immerse ourselves in the wide open of the Ocean. In the afternoon we will get to know our sea-kayaks, practice basic paddling strokes, and transition to an unplugged expedition on the waters of the Sea of Cortez. 

Day 3-5 After learning how to pack the boats and getting acquainted with a sustainable pace of paddling, we will set out on the ocean and paddle along the Eastern shore of the Baja peninsula. Each day will incorporate a combination of physical challenge, kayaking or possibly a side hike, and restorative activities, such as yoga on the beach, guided meditation, and ritual as women under a sky full of stars. This dance between rugged and renewal helps us to expand our capacity in life for both stress and joy. 

Day 6 This is our final day of kayaking before we head back to La Paz for hot showers and a night out on the town! The expedition phase of the trip comes to an end and we say goodbye to our beloved Kayak guide, and celebrate what we have accomplished before transitioning to a more “front-country” experience.

Day 7 Leaving La Paz early we take our time to explore as we drive to the Todos Santos area, on the Pacidif side of the peninsula. This is a day for shopping, resting, and delicious culinary discoveries. We will arrive in the late afternoon and for those eager to get a jump on surfing, we will have our first surf lesson before cocktails on the beach.

Day 8-9 Yoga, surf lessons, beach time, and massage! These two days will include a heavy focus on Renewal, along with some Ruggedness for those committed to learning to surf, which can often involve many face plants in the salt water waves! We will be stying in a house together and having fresh cooked meals, avoiding the somewhat touristy scene of nearby Todos Santos in preference of the local flavor of beaches such as Pescaderos. On the evening of day 9 we will celebrate with a feast and toast one another as the sun sinks over the Pacific.

Day 10 A simple early breakfast is followed by transportation to the airport for our final farewells! But don’t worry, we will have an opportunity to see each other again soon: online in our group video call. Once a month for the following three months the group will gather and share how each of us is incorporating this rugged renewal into our lives at home, and possibly make plans for future shared adventures!


Cost: $TBD*

*Cost includes meals starting dinner of Day 1 and finishing breakfast on Day 10, accomodations, guide services, kayaking, surf, and yoga instruction, and transportation throughout the peninsula. Does not include your flight to Los Cabos.