Rugged Renewal Retreats

Rugged Renewal retreats are opportunities to dive into connection with nature, to discover or be reminded that you are so much more capable than you realize, to calm the mind and renew the spirit. The core content of all Rugged Renewal retreats includes the following:

  • A range of physical challenge to get us into our bodies: from gentle yoga to more exertive hiking and paddling.
  • Exploration of the connection between our bodies and the rhythms of the earth: the breath and the ocean; the cycles and seasons of our lives along with the day, month, and year; the contraction and expansion of the earth and our hearts. 
  • An introduction to a mindfulness meditation practice.
  • Adventures in cuisine, both locally inspired and designed to nourish the body.
  • Community based ritual for meaning-making opportunities amongst our group members, especially if there's a full moon!
  • Three group video-chats after the retreat to connect in circle and continue to integrate all that has happened into our lives back home.


August 8-14, 2018

Our only Rugged Renewal retreat open to ALL ages and genders, this is an opportunity to truly go INTO the WILD and discover your deep resonance with the wilderness. We will venture into Prince William Sound, visit glaciers, listen for whale sounds, camp on the ocean's edge, and enjoy the longer days of the Alaskan summer.



Green River

October 6-13, 2018

Join a community of nature loving women for a week of wilderness exploration, connection and contemplative practice.  We will immerse ourselves in the flow between river and land, the internal and external, while camping and canoeing along the Green River. A week long experience where our priorities shift towards slowing down, enjoying ourselves and the wilderness, while fostering joy and present moment awareness.



February 6-15; February 22-March 1, 2019

Two women's retreats exploring the culture and breathtaking terrain of one of the Earth's most intriguing destinations. Choose between the more "rugged" activities of backpacking and overnight seakayaking or an adventure with a bit more comfort... both retreats feature the rejuvinating elements of well crafted lodges, fine culinary experiences, yoga, reiki, hot tubs.



Baja, Mexico

March 30-April 7, 2019

A seakayak expedition exploring the island of Espiritu Santo, off of the coast of La Paz. We will snorkel with sea lions, sleep under the stars, practice yoga and mindfulness with the rhythms of the waves. This women's adventure explores the connection between our deep inner-knowing, our intuition, and the life-giving source of the ocean.