Offering counseling and adventure experiences that deepen, strengthen, and nourish connection with one's self, community, and the natural world.




Rugged Renewal Retreats

The Rugged Renewal retreats are intentional adventures meant to strike the balance between challenging and restorative travel. With activities such as hiking and kayaking, we stretch our comfort zones and tap into a sense of personal power and ability to navigate times of stress. Equally important are the reflective and rejuvenating qualities of yoga, wood fired hot tub time, delicious cuisine, and intentional connection with the natural world. The threads of community are woven throughout, learning from the local culture and the gifts that each participant brings to our group. 


Custom Experiences

Are you a part of a group who would benefit from an adventure crafted with intention? ARC can work with you to create an individualized experience that highlights your group's strengths while also brings you closer to one another and the natural world.

Contact us to design your next...women's night hike, family adventure, day of personal reflection and ritual in the wilderness, and more.



Somatic Nature Retreat


A retreat designed for healers. If you are someone with a background in Ecotherapy or Adventure therapy, or in Somatic Experiencing, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, or any somatically oriented therapy, you are invited to dive into the somatic experience of the natural world, the ways in which our nervous systems resonate and synchronize with the rhythms of the earth, and learn from this connection in a way that increases your own resilience as well as inspires you to offer the same to your clients.

We felt simultaneously supported and challenged, whether we were facing a difficult climb, a vulnerable reflection-time, a time of silent meditation, or a plunge into a glacier-fed lake! There were so many moments when I realized that I could look at things from a perspective I hadn’t considered.
— Retreat Participant